This woman’s bravery will inspire you

This woman’s bravery will inspire you.

If you admire people who stand up for people who aren’t standing up for themselves. If you admire people who are just crazy enough to step in front of drunk people twice their size and tell them to stop. If you admire people who have the fortitude to take a beer bottle to the face and say they’d do it again.

I like to believe I could have done just what Ms. Stephens did, or at least better than her boyfriend did. But his argument, his excuse that it wasn’t any of his business, is a pretty common one in our society. Read the comments below the story if you don’t believe me. There are almost as many condemning her for getting involved, for putting herself in danger, as praising her.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of what she did. It doesn’t matter whether it was her business. It doesn’t matter whether the woman she intervened for was grateful or hateful. What matters is that Mary Lou Stephens is the kind of person who saw someone doing wrong and refused to ignore it.

People like that change the world.

Have you tried to stop someone doing wrong? What happened? Share your story with us!

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