Uganda’s New Anti-Gay Law: Part of a Broader Trend in Africa

Uganda’s New Anti-Gay Law: Part of a Broader Trend in Africa.

We are so afraid of those who are different from ourselves that we feel the need to outlaw their behavior.

A useful stance if we’re protecting children from molestation, or keeping intoxicants out of the hands of people who might hurt others under their influence. But criminalizing a behavior between consenting adults that hurts no one except those who choose to be offended by it? Not so much.

Homosexuality isn’t the problem. Whether or not it’s a choice isn’t the problem. The willingness to take someone’s property, their freedom, or their very life because we don’t approve of their choice of partner is the problem.

We spend entirely too much time worrying about what other people are doing wrong, and entirely too little worrying about doing right ourselves.Why? Because pointing the finger at others is easy, and improving ourselves is hard.

We have a word to describe choosing the easier wrong over the harder right. It’s cowardice.

Let’s take the plank out of our own eye before we worry about the speck in our neighbor’s.

I've been a soldier, a dreamer, a working stiff, a leader. A husband, father, example (good and otherwise), and now a survivor. I write about courage, because courage is what enables us to accomplish the impossible. If you draw breath, I love you. If you love in whatever way seems best to you and want others to love in whatever way seems best to them, I am your ally. If you believe someone is less than you because they do not love the way you do, I oppose you. If you see someone as a threat to be abused or destroyed merely because they do not look like you, or love like you, or worship like you, I am your enemy. I am a joyful and courageous man. And I stand with you who love.