Who Is H. Scott Dalton?


I’ve traveled all over the world, been a soldier, a working stiff, a leader, a writer. I’ve been an evangelical and an agnostic. I’ve been disillusioned and hopeful. I’ve neglected my body, abused myself, trained for a marathon, sat all day for months on end. Husband and father are my most important jobs, even though I don’t always remember.

I write, here and elsewhere. I’ve self-published a novel. A few people have even read it.

I’m a Boy Scout dad who was never a Boy Scout. For a while, I was a soccer dad. I’ve hiked to the Continental Divide in Colorado and been to war in Iraq. I’m in the process of beating cancer.

I used to think I was a student of history. I always loved stories of the past, starting with my grandfather’s war stories and including everything from nonfiction picture books to historical fiction. But it was never just history: fantasy and science fiction, military stories, stories of survival–any story where the heroes and the problems they faced seemed larger than life–have always fascinated me.

Gradually, I have come to realize I’m not just a student of history, I’m a student of courage. I want to know everything I can about the quality so many of us struggle with–that seems to come so naturally to the greatest of us. It goes far beyond physical courage, although that’s the form we’re most familiar with and most likely to celebrate.

But my interest is more than just academic. I think courage in all its forms is the key to solving many of the problems we struggle so mightily with today. This is the forum where I work out how to help all of us show it more often.

If you’re curious yourself, I’d love to know what you most want to know about. Please leave me a comment, or use the feedback form at the bottom of this page. If you’d rather contact me directly, you can find me in the usual places:

Welcome to my forum. I look forward to exploring courage with you!