Thank You For Your Service. Now Pay Up.

At its best, the Army takes good care of soldiers. And at its worst, it abuses them with impunity. This story broke for many of us this week, but the soldiers affected have been dealing with it for years now. Here’s the short version: From 2006 to 2008, desperate to keep good soldiers in, the […]

Hero #2: Monica Lewinski

In 1998, a political storm engulfed the president of the United States. President Clinton, confirming suspicions many people shared about his character, was caught in an affair with a young White House intern. When he perjured himself about the affair before Congress, his political enemies used his statements to make him the second president ever […]

Kim Kardashian and the Culture of Shame

This article by Jayn Griffith at The Establishment is making the rounds on Facebook. It’s an enlightening read: The Real Reason Everyone Freaked Out Over Kim Kardashian’s Nude Selfie – The Establishment On International Women’s Day (March 8), Kim Kardashian posted a nude selfie on Twitter. The reaction was predictable: a smattering of compliments, some […]

Heroes #5: Danish and Noman

Every time ISIS commits a new atrocity, the Internet flares up with racist generalizations that all Muslims are terrorists. This story is about two Muslim boys who came from the overwhelmingly non-terrorist majority of Islam. Goals Status: Marathon: On Track. I’ll be running my first race of the year, the Get Your Rear In Gear […]

My 2015 Goals – And a Little Kick in the Pants

Seth Godin read my mind. Again. Seth knows how important it is for me to force myself to ship, to put whatever is in my head out into the world where people have a chance to love it or make fun of it or ignore it. He knows it’s the shipping that’s really the point–it’s […]