The Gift of Perspective

This is my fourth post for the Your Turn Challenge. Status of my goals: Marathon: Back on track. I completed yesterday’s run this morning. Two Square Yards of Earth: Behind schedule. No change since yesterday. 100 Posts: Behind schedule. This is my sixth post for the year, of eight planned by the end of this […]

The Twelve Days of Christmas–In Courage

It’s a challenging time of year for lots of folks. The holidays can be a wonderful time: we take a few days off work, spend them with people we love and don’t get to see very often, eat and drink too much, give and receive gifts, rest, recharge, prepare for the new year. They can […]

Cornucopia, or Trash Can?

A trash can on its side looks a lot like a cornucopia. A cornucopia stood on its point looks a lot like a trash can. I struggle, sometimes, to see the cornucopia–to recognize that, whatever happens, things are probably going to be OK. My kids have plenty to eat; we aren’t wearing somebody else’s castoffs; […]


There is a host of reasons folks have trotted out in recent years to be disdainful of our tradition of Thanksgiving: The way we celebrate has little in common with the way the original settlers celebrated. It’s a celebration of gluttony. It’s a celebration of genocide. We don’t focus enough on the giving thanks part. […]

Courage to Be Grateful

Life sucks sometimes, and that’s that. Oh, there are all sorts of coaches and cheerleaders and counselors and bloggers out there telling us that our attitude is a choice, that we can rise above our circumstances if we can just convince ourselves to be happy–or barring that, pretending to be happy until we start feeling […]