Trust Is Terrifying

We hate not knowing. We hate being wrong. We hate uncertainty. Fortunately, our technology gives us a level of control over our lives no other humans have had in history. We can control our schedules down to the minute. We can control the food that goes into our bodies–where it comes from, how it’s stored, […]

Conflict Is Rarely About Now

Some of us have a hard time controlling our tempers. We’ve all seen it: a friendly conversation turns into a mild disagreement, and one participant seems to lose all sense of perspective. A man might become visibly angry, might raise his voice, might adopt a threatening posture. A woman might become irate and start shaking […]

My Way, Or…What?

We have more control over our lives today than ever in human history. We live in heated and cooled homes with reliable electricity and water, we drive cars that allow us to travel in almost any conditions to obtain food from stores that are constantly stocked with anything we might want, we have high-tech clothing […]