Conflict Is Rarely About Now

Some of us have a hard time controlling our tempers. We’ve all seen it: a friendly conversation turns into a mild disagreement, and one participant seems to lose all sense of perspective. A man might become visibly angry, might raise his voice, might adopt a threatening posture. A woman might become irate and start shaking […]

The Worst Thing That Ever Happened to You–Is the Worst Thing That Ever Happened

The title of this post is objectively not true. No matter who you are, no matter what you’ve been through, you can point to something that happened to someone else at some other time and tell yourself that was worse. But don’t tell your heart that. It won’t listen. I know a young man who’s […]

Waiting for Change

A Facebook friend posted something last week I feel compelled to comment on. I don’t remember the exact words, but the gist of it was that this person is sick and tired of the selfishness, self-centered attitudes, and sense of entitlement of people today, and they are waiting for a return of old-fashioned values like […]

You Have the Ultimate Power

We spend our lives in search of power, however we define it: money, popularity, fame, beauty, health. Most of us never realize we already have the only power that matters. Goals Status: Marathon: On Track. I ran my fastest mile so far this year on Friday. Two Square Yards of Earth: Making Progress. I finished […]

Shame Never Makes It Better

My cousin Alyhinkie posted a beautiful piece the other day on her excellent Midnight Music and Musings. Her message is very simple: moms of small children, your lives are really hard. Quit beating yourselves up about not being perfect. Goals Status: Marathon: On Track. We started the next phase of training this week. Two Square […]