If It’s Not Worth Doing Well

I know how to do something halfway. It’s so easy just to phone it in, to do as little as I can get away with, especially when I’m facing competing requests from my job, my family, my scout troop, my church, and my doctor. Especially when I’m feeling overwhelmed and thinking it will take longer […]

Who Are You to [Insert Dream Here]?

This is my fifth post for the Your Turn Challenge. Status of my goals: Marathon: On track. I finished week 2 of the Couch to 5K program today. Two Square Yards of Earth: Behind Schedule. No change since yesterday. 100 Posts: Behind Schedule. This is my seventh post this year, of eight planned by the […]

The GOYA Principle

I heard about this one on a podcast recently. Unfortunately, I can’t remember whose podcast or which episode–I listen to several episodes of a number of podcasts every day, and I’m not very good about taking notes–but the principle stuck with me. You may have heard of this principle already. It’s the cure to a […]

Throwing off Cynicism

A few days ago, I saw a mock high school commencement speech that made me want to grind my teeth. The speaker, a well-known comedian, spent ten minutes or so belittling his audience, telling them, in essence, that most of them are pathetic losers who will never accomplish anything, never amount to anything. He talked […]

Kyle Maynard Knows Something About Courage

It’s easy to get wrapped around our own limits. We’re too busy, too broke, too tired to do more than plug along, one day at a time. We’re too short, too tall, too fat, too thin to do the thing we really want to do. We’re the wrong color, the wrong gender, the wrong faith. […]