Kyle Maynard Knows Something About Courage

It’s easy to get wrapped around our own limits. We’re too busy, too broke, too tired to do more than plug along, one day at a time.

We’re too short, too tall, too fat, too thin to do the thing we really want to do.

We’re the wrong color, the wrong gender, the wrong faith. We’re too young or too old. Nobody wants someone with [my personal limitation] doing that.

This man knows a thing or two about limits. He gets out of bed everyday and gives his the finger.

Or he would, if he had fingers.

Kyle Maynard was born without arms or legs. His response? To play football and wrestle in high school. To fight in a UFC bout. To climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

I discovered Kyle Maynard a few days ago, when I heard his story on Lewis Howes‘s fantastic podcast, the School of Greatness. If you’re looking for something inspiring to listen to, you can do far worse than this episode–or any episode of this podcast, for that matter.

Next time you find yourself dwelling on your limits, follow Kyle’s link above. Then come back here and tell us what you’re doing to move past them.

What’s holding you back from your dream? Let us know in the comments!

I've been a soldier, a dreamer, a working stiff, a leader. A husband, father, example (good and otherwise), and now a survivor. I write about courage, because courage is what enables us to accomplish the impossible. If you draw breath, I love you. If you love in whatever way seems best to you and want others to love in whatever way seems best to them, I am your ally. If you believe someone is less than you because they do not love the way you do, I oppose you. If you see someone as a threat to be abused or destroyed merely because they do not look like you, or love like you, or worship like you, I am your enemy. I am a joyful and courageous man. And I stand with you who love.