A Father’s Letter to Young Women (About Getting Naked) | UnTangled

A Father’s Letter to Young Women (About Getting Naked) | UnTangled.

I have a tween daughter.

Which means many places on the Internet, where women and girls are presented as nothing more than objects of lust presented for men’s entertainment, terrify me.

And it’s not just the Internet. So many places these days, we see the same message presented to young women:

You are powerful. You can control men, make them do whatever you want.

Just take your clothes off.

Women are powerful, the message says, only in their skin.

Well, anyone who has ever read Peggy Noonan, or seen Malala Yousafzai’s work, or listened to Hillary Clinton speak, knows that’s ridiculous. But how to teach our daughters that, when so much of what they see in our hypersexual culture screams otherwise?

Enter Dr. Kelly Flanagan at UnTangled, making it sound so simple.

Next step: teaching our sons the same lesson….

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