Thank You For Your Service. Now Pay Up.

At its best, the Army takes good care of soldiers. And at its worst, it abuses them with impunity. This story broke for many of us this week, but the soldiers affected have been dealing with it for years now. Here’s the short version: From 2006 to 2008, desperate to keep good soldiers in, the […]

Remembering What’s Important

I’ve never known a political season like the one we’re in today. I’ve heard stories of political differences separating families, separating friends, but until this summer those stories always seemed like urban legends, like useful morality plays that might help illuminate some of the darker corners of our humanity. But as this summer gave way […]

The Everyday Intrepid

Last night, I attended a benefit for a young lady fighting lymphoma. She’s a member of my daughter’s theater company, a smiling thirteen-year-old named Ella. She was diagnosed in June, and now wears the bald head and scarf typical of chemotherapy patients. She has a long fight ahead of her, but she faces it with […]